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Tyres aren’t tyres

City Discount Tyres carries tyres that suit all budgets and all types of vehicles, from the smallest Kei car import, right through to light trucks and beyond. One question we hear on a regular basis from customers is “what’s the difference” between budget tyres and high end tyres. “Aren’t tyres just tyres?” they ask. Our answer is that tyres aren’t just tyres, there’s more to it.

Tyres are rated on a variety of factors, but generally it comes down to noise, handling, comfort and mileage. If you sacrifice on price, you’re going to be sacrificing on one or more of those factors. Would you sacrifice on the safety of your family and yourself?

Manufacturers with well-known brands, like Sumitomo and Falken, have enviable reputations for the technology they build into their tyres. Sumitomo, for example, boast advanced features like ultra-micro carbon tread compounds and five pitch variation noise control maximize handling, comfort, and mileage.

If you’re considering cheap tyres as a long term tyre choice, look at important factors like:
  • Handling in the wet – will the tyre shed water and grip the road as well as a more expensive tyre? Will it aquaplane if you get stuck in a downpour?
  • Noise – if a tyre is noisy, that makes your car a less comfortable place to be, and even lowers the perceived value of your car. If you’re going out on a date, would your date love shouting over the top of your tyre noise?
  • Tread wear – sure, a budget tyre might seem cheaper at first, but if it doesn’t last as long and you have to buy another set more quickly, have you really saved money? For example, if a tyre costs 70% as much, but lasts 50% as long, then you’re spending more cash on tyres more regularly.

What’s the best way to find out the right balance between value and performance for you? Talk to your local City Discount Tyre store, and ask them what they recommend for you, where you drive and what you drive. They’re the local experts, and live and breathe tyres every day. Each store carries a full range of tyres, and they can find something that fits your car and your budget.

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