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Check your dates!

You may not know it, but tyres actually have a “best before” period, just like the milk you get from the shop. While they don’t end up stinking like off milk does, they can lose some of their performance attributes and become less safe on the road.

What happens? The rubber in the tyres is affected by air, as well as sunlight. This is a process called oxidisation, and it can happen more quickly if a tyre is stored badly. It can also happen to cars that don’t do many miles, or sit around for most of the year.

Tyres are sometimes imported into Australia by third parties as well, and sold by tyre shops at a cheaper price. While this may seem like a good deal, you’re also sacrificing the quality of the tyre.

So if you’re on the hunt, check the dates of the tyres you’re looking at. The date can be found in a string of digits on the side wall of the tyre, usually preceded by the letters DOT. The numbers represent the week and year the tyres were manufactured. So 2215 will be week 22, 2015.

As we don’t manufacture tyres in Australia, it can take a while for tyres to make it here. That’s okay, as many tyres are guaranteed for 5 – 10 years, as long as they’re transported and stored in proper conditions, which is what you’ll get if you buy from a quality retail store like City Discount Tyres. 

If the tyre you’re looking to purchase is more than three to five years old, start asking questions about where the tyres are from, and how they’ve been stored. If in doubt, make sure you pass on the tyres and head to City Discount Tyres, where we’ll make sure you get the right tyre for you at the right price.