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For all your tyre, wheel and servicing needs look no further than – City Discount Tyres

City Discount Tyres are proud to be able to supply Akebono Performance ceramic brake pads to suit many makes and models. With Ceramic technology, these brake pads are an ideal upgrade or replacement solution for your car. Three pad ranges are available from City Discount Tyres.

With so many features and benefits you cant go past Akebono Brake Pads....

  • Clean Wheels no squeals
  • Long lasting brake pad formula
  • Ceramic Technology
  • 0% pedal pulsation
  • Rotor Friendly for longer disc life
  • Unrivalled stopping power
  • European braking performance with enhanced pedal feel
  • Perfect upgrade for original equipment
  • Friction formula specifically designed for your vehicle
  • Ultra quiet

Akebono Euro

For European vehicle applications

Akebono Pro Act

For original equiment replacement applications

Akebono Performance

For performance driving applications

Stay safe on the road

Let us take care of your cars brake pads, machine discs, repair brake callipers and components.