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The AZENIS FK453 is the latest generation of Falken’s flagship ultra high performance tyres available in a wide array of sizes from 17-inch to 22-inch rim diameters. Fitments include popular staggered applications making this tyre suitable for high-end vehicles. In addition, the FK453 features the latest developments in noise-absorption technology which help provide a quiet and comfortable ride. A silica enriched compound is utilized for confident dry and wet performance. Rated with W and Y speed ratings, this tyre is composed of nylon-reinforced layers allowing for enhanced high-speed stability, helping to create the ultimate driving tyre.

Key Features

  • ASYMMETRIC VARIABLE TREAD DESIGN - with large outside shoulder blocks, provide enhanced cornering and better braking traction while reducing tyre noise.
  • SILICA ENRICHED COMPOUND - designed and tested to meet the demands of European roads, the new silica based compound provides superior traction and grip for those seeking ultra high performance.
  • THREE WIDE CIRCUMFERENTAL GROOVES - effectively evacuate water and significantly improve hydroplaning resistance for outstanding wet handling.
  • RIGID CARCASS - retains the tyre profile during some of the most extreme driving conditions, helping to improve high speed stability and handling.
  • STEEL BELTS - offer greater tread rigidity, superior grip and high speed stability.
  • ADVANCED JOINT-LESS CAP PLY - increases durability at high speed and promotes long-lasting even wear.

Performance Category: High Performance

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